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Voces8 Workshop

Wed 1st Jun 2022, 3:00pm

Come and spend an hour singing with Voces8. Participants will have the opportunity to experience the unique Voces8 Method, pick up some singing tips, and learn some songs to sing with the group members. Open to singers of all ages and abilities; no prior experience required, just have fun!

Dewch i dreulio awr yn canu gyda Voces8. Bydd y rhai sy’n cymryd rhan yn cael cyfle i brofi dull unigryw Voces8, cael cyngor ar ganu, a dysgu rhai caneuon i’w canu gydag aelodau’r grŵp. Mae ar agor i gantorion o bob oed a gallu; does dim angen profiad blaenorol, dewch i gael hwyl!

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Wed 1st Jun 2022, 3:00pm

Adult £10.00
Under 16’s £5.00
St Davids Cathedral

St Davids Cathedral

About the Cathedral

Set on a spectacular Pembrokeshire peninsula jutting out into the Atlantic upon the site of an earlier sixth-century monastery built by St David, the patron saint of Wales, St Davids Cathedral has been a site of pilgrimage and worship for more than 800 years. Today this splendid building erected to the glory of God remains a vibrant, living church offering a place of peace for prayer and devotion.

St David is often remembered for teaching his followers
‘Be joyful, keep the faith, and do the little things …’

In this Cathedral we aim to be joyful in expressing the good news of Jesus Christ to our hundreds of thousands of visitors and pilgrims. We strive to keep the faith passed on through the centuries, in our daily prayer and worship. And we hope that in the little things we do here day by day we will love and honour St David’s God and ours.

Around 300,000 people come every year, from all around Wales and the wider world. Many find themselves touched by the deep spiritual atmosphere within and beyond the Cathedral. Our hope is that as we ‘Welcome Visitors as Pilgrims’ we will encourage everyone, of every faith and none, to ponder their own pilgrim journey through life, and perhaps feel inspired to take the next step onwards.

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